I am currently pursuing PhD and the title of my thesis is 'A Cloud-Based Framework for Big Data Analytics'. The main objectives of this research work include -

  • Study existing big data tools and techniques, with specific focus on cloud-based technologies.
  • Explore real-world applications of big data analytics using cloud-based technologies and identify potential ‘big’ datasets.
  • Propose a technological framework for performing big data analytics in the cloud environment.
  • Implement big data stack over the cloud platform.
  • Implement data analytics techniques over specific datasets using base technologies and use the different components in an integrated format to support diverse analytical applications.

Scholarly Publications___________________________________________________________________


Book Chapters

Conference Proceedings

  • Samiya Khan, Kashish A. Shakil, Syed Arshad Ali, Mansaf Alam (Accepted), ‘On designing a generic framework for Big Data-as-a-Service’. ICCMB 2018, Oxford, UK.
  • Kashish Ara Shakil, Mansaf Alam, Shabih Shakeel, Ari Ora and Samiya Khan, (Accepted), ‘Exploiting Data Reduction Principles in Cloud-Based Data Management for Cryo-Image Data’ ICCMB 2018, Oxford, UK.
  • Samiya Khan, Kashish A. Shakil, Mansaf Alam (2016), Educational Intelligence: Applying Cloud-based Big Data Analytics to the Indian Education Sector’ in the proceedings of IEEE 2nd International Conference on Contemporary Computing and Informatics 2016 (IC3I 2016), Noida, India. [IEEEXplore / Scopus]